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Best Wine Bottle Designs


Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and you don’t want to let it come without you having a good plan for the day. Since this is an event that asks for romance and romance asks for a bottle of wine, we thought it would be nice of us to give you a hand and help you find something really special. See here a list of the 30 best wine bottle designs.
1. Arrepiado Collection Wine

Inspired by the brand’s name itself, designer Marta Neto created this golden pattern for Herdade do Arrepiado Velho’s 2006 vintage. Arrepiado is also the name of a Portuguese bird, and that’s why the base element of the design is a stylized beak.
2. BRND WGN Christmas Wine
BRND WGN Christmas Wine
The classic black and white combination is usually associated with elegance. But for this particular case BRND WGN decided to choose something playful and happy. The lovely bottle comes in a natural wood box, featuring the company’s logo.
3. Tupelo Wines by Mash Design
Tupelo Wines by Mash Design
Legendary singer Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, so it’s not hard to guess what (or rather who) inspired the company in creating their image. Tupelo Wines hired an Elvis impersonator to pose for them, and Mash Design did the rest of the job.
4. Enrico Winery
Enrico Winery 2
Enrico Winery wanted something special for their wine packaging. Classic, stylish and royal: that’s the image that they wanted to create. Hired Guns Creative found the perfect solution: a hand-drawn logo representing a regal lion and a stylized ‘E’.
5. Marisco Vineyards Wine
Marisco Vineyards Wine 1
To understand the uniqueness of these bottles, you first have to know a story. Marisco was the name of some old-times pirates in Lundy Island, UK, and it is said that some of them tried to assassinate King Henry III. Today each bottle of Marisco Vineyards Wine tells a part of that story with one single word.
6. Vin Malbec
Vin Malbec
Boasting a highly modern design, this packaging is a creation of designer Adrian Grilling. The very geometrical logo is actually a stylized spelling of ‘Vin’, and it appears both on the bottle and on the box that comes with it.
7. The Wine Society
The Wine Society 1
Everybody knows that neckwear can indicate the social class a person belongs to. This is exactly why the Wine Society decided to use bowties and neckties to suggest the category of their products: bowties for vintage and premium, loose neckties for value wines. The designers behind this image are TheCreativeMethod.

8. Harem Sultan Wine Packaging
Harem Sultan Wine Packaging 2
Visiting Turkey is always an unforgettable experience and Harem Sultan Wines have created the perfect souvenir for those who want to take home a little Turkish inspiration. The bottles flaunt a traditional kaftan, like those worn by Ottoman sultans.
9. Merula Wine by Base
Merula Wine by Base 2
You probably wonder why the bird. Well, its name is Merula, a word that has the same Latin root like Merlot: “mirlo”. So BaseNow used this information to create the suggestive packaging of the delicious wine. It’s actually quite simple, isn’t it?
10. Rethink Table Wine
Rethink Table Wine
Rethink Communications decided to show their unique talent by creating an unusual design for wine recipients. They chose to use jugs instead of classic bottles and the label of each jug shows one contemporary table with a special design.
11. Nocturnis Duralis Wine
Nocturnis Duralis Wine 1
To better emphasize the difference between red and white wines, designer Marcel Buerkle created black and white labels inspired by nature: the dark color of the night for Cabernet Sauvignons, and the day-white packaging for the Sauvignon Blanc.
12. Skylark Wine
Skylark Wine
What better design could Inhouse Design have come up with, than a gracious skylark to illustrate the simple logo of the brand? Simple, yet eye-catching, this packaging has won itself a good place on our list.
13. Neige Ice Cider
Neige Ice Cider 1
Neige means ‘snow’ in French, so now you know why the delicate snowflakes on the label. This beverage is actually one of the best ice ciders in the world with a rare and unique flavor that will conquer you in an instant.
14. Swoon Pinot Noir
Swoon Pinot Noir 2
The label design is entirely the work of Amanda Mocci. She didn’t only create the layout of the minimalist label, but she also crafted the custom font that spells the name of this wine. Simple lines always have a remarkable impact on the viewer.
15. Terra Earth Wine
Tierra Earth Wine
A wine that is difficult to create (Monastrell grapes are quite difficult to grow and the wine making process is just as demanding) needs a special packaging to celebrate its existence. Eduardo del Fraile is the mastermind behind this amazing design that gives the bottle a sophisticated look.
16. Organ Studio Christmas Wine
Organ Studio Christmas Wine
With a very urban look, these bottles don’t need a classic paper label, as the writing is laser-etched into the glass. The collection was made for a special purpose: Organ Studio sent these bottles of wine to clients, friends and family, for Christmas.
17. Naked King Wine
Naked King Wine
Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story, ‘The Emperor’s Clothes’, the wine producer asked BeetRoot Design Group to find a proper packaging for their product. And so they did: each bottle wears only a white crown and nothing else. Even the logo has been shrunk to better emphasize the ‘nakedness’ of the bottle. The box in which this wine comes shows a page of Andersen’s tale.
18. 2010 Wine
2010 Wine 1
This special bottle was created by Bendita Gloria as an original replacement for the classic (almost cliché) New Year’s greeting card. It was a great way of saluting 2010 as a new year, and we still find it interesting today.
19. Bonefire Wine
Bonefire Wine
Now this wine by Justin Colt definitely stands out from the crowd. Everything about it – the design, the story and the way in which it must be served – is special. It is inspired by an old Celtic legend that says that on the Old Hallows Eve, people needed to make a bone bonfire to deter the spirits. The wine needs to be warmed up before drinking.
20. Buddy Mulled Wine
Buddy Mulled Wine
Organ Studio weren’t the only ones to make a special bottle of wine to send out to clients, friends and family on Christmas. Buddy Creative did exactly the same thing with their Buddy Mulled Wine. It’s funny and original, featuring a drunk-o-meter to show you exactly where you stand with every new glass you drink.
21. Colier Sparking Wine
Colier Sparking Wine 2
This packaging is clearly intended to celebrate luxury. Reynolds and Reyner have created the Colier sparkling wine and its special presentation package. Only 3 collectors’ bottles were made to come with the special egg casing.
22. Executive Wine
Executive Wine 1
This one was designed by Derek Perez, a designer who found his inspiration in modern business wear. The different colors of the ties on the bottles, suggests the color of the grapes that made the wine within.
23. Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam
Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam
Another exquisitely executed bottle hat spells ‘luxury’ is the Moët & Chandon Golden Jeroboam, wrapped in golden leaves. Only 1,743 examples were made, the number signifying the year in which the brand was founded.
24. Longitude Wines by Rob Schellenberg
Longitude Wines by Rob Schellenberg 1
We are all very used to reading the history of wines from their labels. But designer Rob Schellenberg came up with a better, modern way of talking about that. Each bottle of the Longitude Wines Collection shows the longitude measure of a growing region and its topographical map.
25. Field Recordings Wine
Field Recordings Wine
What looks like a windblown dust storm, is actually the image of a flock of birds in flight. Each bottle receives a unique picture of this natural image. The idea belongs to wine maker Andrew Jones.
26. Diwine Wine
Diwine Wine 1
Samy Halim is the name of the designer behind this brilliant packaging idea: three models that feature unique individual defining elements such as custom fonts, drawings of the animals that give their names, and black and white collars with different patterns.
27. Helderberg Wijnmakerij
Helderberg Wijnmakerij 2
Aside from the obvious visual effect of the three bottles set next to each other, there also is a very unique tactile effect to each bottle separately: designed by Fanakalo, the labels feature embossed clouds above the black-and white mesmerizing drawing.
28. Marks and Spencer Wine in a Cup
Marks and Spencer Wine in a Cup
It’s true that this is not the most elegant and classy way of presenting a wine, but it sure is practical. Air travel for instance may find this innovative yet simple design very useful.
29. Burn Cottage Wine
Burn Cottage Wine 1
A little piece of collage art on the label of a good wine: this is what the Burn Cottage packaging is. The image shows one of Von Goethe’s stories, called ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’. It is a creation of Mash Design.
30. Changing Lanes Wine
Changing Lanes Wine
Now this one is really stunning. It is the creation of Mark Lane and John Lane, and both of them are represented on the wine’s label. When tilted, the image on the label changes and shows the other Lane, thus the product’s name: Changing Lanes. We find it brilliant!


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