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World’s largest cruise ship sometimes makes you forget you are living on sea


The world’s largest cruise ship, The Allure of the Seas celebrated its maiden voyage in December, 2010. The 225,000 behemoth can accommodate 6,300 passengers and 2,165 crew members, has 16 passenger decks, almost 100 feet longer than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and about as tall as a 20-story building. It was built by South Korea’s STX Finland Cruise shipyards in Finland at a cost of one billion dollars. This is not it, the ship provides its lucky guests with a list of comfortable amenities.

The Allure’s 16 decks are divided into seven “neighborhoods,” including a sprawling green area with fully grown trees reproducing New York’s Central Park; a Coney Island-style Boardwalk; and numerous amenities offering rock walls, ice skating rinks and swimming pools with surf simulators.
Its 26 dining options include the first Starbucks at sea, the company said.

“It’s like being on seven different ships at once, and it’s so big you at times forget you’re at sea,” said Barba, marketing director, Royal Caribbean.
The most amazing staterooms are the Royal Loft Suites. These are two-deck high rooms that offer amazing panoramic views. They were designed to accommodated six people, four of which can occupy the floor level, and the other two can use the upper master bedroom. The Royal Loft Suite flaunts 1,524 square feet, plus 842 square feet on the large private balcony.

When the ship itself is like a destination, who would care where this comfy cruise ship takes them?
And for a cherry on the cake, country music star Taylor Swift is all set to rock her first concert at sea. The songstress will be singing on board the world’s largest cruise ship on 21st January, 2011 while the ship is in Cozumel, Mexico.

Taylor, who has won a Grammy award four times, will perform in Allure’s AquaTheater that can hold 735 people. Guests onboard Allure of the Seas can also win passes to the performance by participating in Taylor Swift-themed events aboard, including a look-alike contest, trivia contest, Taylor Swift karaoke and other activities.

Source: therichtimes


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